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DIY Fulfillment Basics (Part 1)

Fulfillment Basics (Part 1) Pacific’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fulfillment suggestions for the new business owner… Set up your inventory system Identify each of your products with a unique name and item# (SKU). When choosing a SKU number, the best practice is to keep it simple, but allow for growth. What I mean by that is don’t put a […]


Wrappily, LLC based in Maui, HI. has chosen Pacific Northwest Print & Fulfillment, Inc. as it’s order fulfillment provider.

Pacific is thrilled to announce their latest fulfillment and print partnership with one of Hawaii’s up and coming companies – Wrappily, LLC. Wrappily is an earth-friendly, wrapping paper business started on the shores of Maui.  With a vision as unique as their product, they’re giving new life to old-style newspaper printers.  With the help of […]