When Cloning Sheep Just Isn't Enough

Becoming the CEO: When Cloning Sheep Just Isn’t Enough

A few weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to visit Disneyland with my siblings – just my siblings.  I didn’t bring my spouse or children it was just me and my brothers and sisters visiting the happiest place on earth.  For those who know me, you’re aware that I’m a self-proclaimed workaholic who only […]

Finding Value in Change

Frankly Speaking: Finding Value in Change

Change is inevitable and is something that all businesses will experience. Choosing whether this experience is a proactive or reactive change depends on how you approach the subject as a company. In my experience, companies that embrace change the best start with a clear set of Core Values. These companies also tend to be the […]

Becoming the CEO: Transitioning from follower to leader

Becoming the CEO: Knowing You Have What It Takes

When you choose to make the jump from employee to owner – will you have what it takes?  In Astronaut lingo, will you have the “right stuff”?  And what is the “right stuff” anyways?  How will you know if you do or don’t have it – and does it really matter as long as you […]

Outsourcing Yourself: A Key to Growth

Becoming the CEO: Outsourcing Yourself – A Key To Growth

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”1 CEO’s are just as human as the people we employ.  Even so, there are lessons we learn as an employee that should stick, but sometimes get lost along the path.  Years ago, I managed a team of employees whose job it was to distribute […]

Frankly Speaking: Customer Service and the Power of Social Media

Frankly Speaking: Customer Service and the Power of Social Media

Anyone who works with the consumer whether it be retail, restaurants, or other services at some point will experience an upset customer.  What might happen if you (or an employee) simply shrugged your shoulders and said, “oh well.”?  While non-confrontation is almost always the right course to take, we all know that it’s not that […]

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