Becoming the CEO : An Introduction

Becoming The CEO: A Blog Series Introduction

Welcome to the realization of the first of 5 business-related New Year’s Resolutions for 2018!

Pacific Moves Headquarters to Accommodate Rapid Growth

In order to accommodate continued growth in 2018, Pacific moved it’s office headquarters to 18001 E Euclid Ave, Ste C, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 in October 2017.  An article written by Samantha Peone of the Spokane Journal of Business can be viewed here:

The Single Most Important Factor to a Company’s Success or Failure.

Personal Disclaimer      What follows is personal introspective insight.  It may contain thoughts or ideas that you may or may not directly agree with.  It may be controversial, but knowing myself it probably isn’t.  As a friend taught me recently, whether you agree or disagree with these thoughts isn’t as important as how you […]

The Coolest Wedding Invitation, Program and Accessories We’ve Ever Worked On…

Every now and then a printer gets the chance to create something truly unique and original… It started out as a simple print request – a Groom’s mother reached out to us asking if we could help her produce some wedding invitation materials patterned after a Pinterest picture the Bride had found.  Seemed simple enough. […]

DIY Fulfillment Basics (Part 1)

Fulfillment Basics (Part 1) Pacific’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fulfillment suggestions for the new business owner… Set up your inventory system Identify each of your products with a unique name and item# (SKU). When choosing a SKU number, the best practice is to keep it simple, but allow for growth. What I mean by that is don’t put a […]

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