Becoming the CEO : An Introduction

Becoming The CEO: A Blog Series Introduction

Welcome to the realization of the first of 5 business-related New Year’s Resolutions for 2018!

The company I founded in 2007, Pacific Northwest Print & Fulfillment, Inc., celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2017. It’s kind of a big thing, and we celebrated by quickly outgrowing our warehouse, and relocating our headquarters in October to a newer, larger facility. (WooHoo!)  

But our anniversary got me thinking – what have the last 10 years really been about, and more importantly, how can that experience help others?  So, I’ve decided to share some very personal experiences, and explore the lessons that I’ve learned during the last 10 years. I hope you’ll accompany me on a journey over the next 12 months or 25 blogs (depending on how you keep track of time).

My Experience.

I have over 20 years of professional marketing, print, fulfillment and training history, working for Fortune 100 and 500 high-tech companies primarily located in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2003, a high-tech company hired me to work for them in Spokane, WA. A short time after moving, I created Pacific Northwest Print & Fulfillment, Inc.

Ten years ago, I was an optimistic, insightful, first time small business owner – and I still am. I decided in 2007 to record my personal history, detailing unique lessons learned along the way. My blog will include some of these insights intertwined with true situational stories of a business owner growing up.

If you choose to follow my blog this year, and I really hope that you will, you’ll explore some of the deepest chasms a small business owner can traverse as I moved from employee to owner.  It’s quite the tale. As it turns out, there is no “C-Level Management for Dummies” guide out there that could have prepared me for the things that I’ve encountered.

I’ll share with you all the responsibility, the struggles, the good advances, the bad retreats, awkward realizations, and all the ugly customer situations I could never have seen coming. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of personal retrospect and can find meaning for yourself in what I uncovered while Becoming the CEO.

And now for the ground rules and legalese related to my writing:  I’m not a professional writer. I did, however, inherit a gift for storytelling along with a deep appreciation of the English language. I promise not to tell stories that are not based on my own situational learning, but I have been known from time to time to take poetic license and occasionally exaggerate for the sake of a good story. The good news is that I will be using an outside source to help me edit the work in an attempt to keep me honest and focused. The lessons I’ll share will cover numerous topics. As with any good documentary or crime TV series, I’ll be changing the names and leaving out key bits of information to protect the guilty. If I use a non-me source, I’ll make sure to give credit where credit is due by including them as a reference within the article.  

Comments:  I invite them and read them often. By self-admission however, I do mediate them to keep the conversation positive and upbeat. Consequentially, feedback that is derogatory in nature may be withheld. Regardless, I welcome your feedback to my articles as it will only help to improve them. Thank You for reading this entire article.