The Coolest Wedding Invitation, Program and Accessories We’ve Ever Worked On…

Every now and then a printer gets the chance to create something truly unique and original…

It started out as a simple print request – a Groom’s mother reached out to us asking if we could help her produce some wedding invitation materials patterned after a Pinterest picture the Bride had found.  Seemed simple enough.  So in August 2014 we began what would be an 8 month wedding materials project that would define the event for the participants, which bridged the chasm between the print world we knew all too well and the promotional item world we knew little about.  The print and creative design side was easy, to help us in the promotional item world we enlisted the help of one of our favorite promo item professionals:  Jennifer Coffey of NBS promos, in Spokane, WA. (c: 509.230.2233)

The Bride and Groom’s mom had a great plan – the wedding was going to take place in Arizona, at a great venue and they wanted a really cool, custom built gift bag with customized items inside.  We helped them create the bag by identifying the correct size proportions and font based on the colors they’d selected and the mood they wanted to capture for their wedding.  But they also wanted to be a part of the building process, so we printed the pieces, trimmed them down, and they glued down the different parts onto over 50 bags… oh yah, and did I mention that the attendee numbers grew as we got closer to the event… (future brides, be aware as it almost always happens that way!)  Once the bag was in place, we focused on the items going into the bag, which for our part included water bottles with custom vinyl (waterproof) stickers of the newlyweds, and again turned them over to the wedding party to apply over 100 of them.  Next came the very cool “DoNot Disturb” door hanger – custom designed of course to match font, color, and feel of the event.  Following that piece, we turned our sights on creating custom artwork for neoprene can koozies – which turned out very cool and were themed after their “Save The Date” postcard.  This was followed up by their Wedding Programs and Thank You cards.

The programs were a truly unique piece.  They had selected a beautiful picture that displayed their affection for one another leading up to the wedding.  On the back, where the program was created, our in-house Graphic Designer, Jason decided to apply a pencil sketch filter to the same picture, printed on a thick, rich white linen paper, which when printed created an incredible background to the program overlay.

When all was said and done, the Bride and Groom started a wonderful life together, surrounded by friends and family who’s feedback about the bags truly made our day!

Which begs the question – how can we support your next event?