Marketing Mentoring

Learn in a 1-to-1 session how to:
• Create a targeted marketing plan
• Increase your business visability
• Improve marketing knowledge
• Promote your messaging

Marketing Mentoring

Don't have the resources to hire a marketing agency to manage your marketing? It's time we talked...

Marketing Mentoring

Sometimes the difference between reaching your goal or missing your mark... is simply a matter of having the right marketing support.

bulldog-logo-[Converted](2)“Chris and his team at Pacific Print and Fulfillment have been handling all our printing and marketing needs for over three years now. They deliver a quality product on time and at competitive prices. If you get the chance, sit down with Chris and ask him about business and marketing. He has a wealth of usable experience.”

Butch JumalonCEO, Bulldog Rooter




“Pacific is great to work with!  They’re knowledgable, open, honest, and committed.  I highly recommend their services to any business owner looking for excellent service that won’t break the bank.”

Larry LonghurstPresident, Cedar Ridge Advisors

Family Essentials Logo“Chris and PNWPAF have been an ongoing pleasure to work with.  Pacific consistently delivers super fast, creative service, often delivering orders the same day I place them.  Chris and PNWPAF are an essential part of my business.”

Liz CampbellM.A., Family Essentials

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“Pacific NW Print and Fullfillment goes above and beyond!   Their knowledge of layout and information vs visual message really has helped our message resonate. ”

Tami KennedyPresident, Feed Spokane

SFF_logo“Before PNWPAF, we created our own print and marketing materials using home printers with our end product being very amateur. Their level of professional results has elevated our company and increased our fundraising results by more than 100%. Additionally, they are such an enjoyable group of honest hardworking people – we think of them as family!”

Bernie ClausHead Elf, Northwest North Pole Adventures

In 2018 – will your marketing plan make a difference?

Who knows your business better than you?  No one.  As a small business owner, you work hard to stretch your resources (budget/people/time) with the goal of finding more leads, increasing sales, and closing more deals.

You know that time is money, and probably believe that working harder to please your existing customers who are currently paying your bills is a move more valuable than investing in marketing.  And for once, you would be wrong – but not in the way you’re probably thinking…

There never has been (or probably ever will be) a better alternative to increase your customer base, build customer loyalty, gain brand visibility, or diversify the markets you serve than through a well thought out and implemented marketing plan.

Those you serve now – know you – but are they talking about you?  Do you know the voice of your business?  Do you have the marketing knowledge you need to take your business to the next level?  Do you present well in networking meetings?  Can  you describe and get me excited to become your customer in 2 minutes or less?  Is your creative of value to your business?  How is your blog doing?  Are your newsletters effective – if so, how or how not?  Who is your target audience and what matters most to them?  What are the right marketing platforms for your message – and how often should you hit them?

Don’t worry, we’re not a marketing or ad agency you can’t afford at this stage in your business – we’re a small business – just like  you.  But with one very important and financially responsible difference…

To learn the difference – give Chris a call at: 509-242-7857

Marketing Mentor Brochure

Marketing Mentor Brochure